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People in the News: OCCO

County Officials Council Swears in New Leaders

Welcome . . .

Scott Coleman

Jill Thompson

Michele Mumford




Logan County Engineer

Athens County Auditor

Shelby County Clerk of Courts

Email: scolman@co.logan.oh.us

Email: jthompson@athensoh.org

Email: mmumford@shelbycountyclerkofcourts.com







The officers of this organization shall consist of a President, Vice-President, and Secretary-Treasurer whose terms of office shall begin on the first day of January following their election and extend for a period of two (2) calendar years, such terms to run concurrently with the session of the General Assembly. The term of office for any officer elected to fill an unexpired term of office shall extend only until the end of the term of office of the officer being replaced. No two (2) officers may be members of the same member association and no person may qualify as an officer who has not served at least one (1) year as a delegate to OCCO.




PRESIDENT - The President shall preside at all meetings of OCCO; ensure that all provisions of these by-laws are performed and enforced; appoint all committees required or deemed to be necessary; act as Chairman of the Executive Committee; act as spokesperson for OCCO when required; and perform any and all other duties usually incidental to the Office of President.


VICE PRESIDENT - The Vice President shall perform any and all duties of the President in the President's absence or disability, in which case all the duties and power of the President shall be vested in the Vice President. If the Office of President should become vacant, for any reason, the Vice President shall serve as President until the Office of President is filled by election.


SECRETARY-TREASURER - The Secretary-Treasurer shall record the minutes of all meetings of OCCO which shall be attested and kept as a permanent record; shall maintain a complete and up-to-date list of all names and addresses of the delegates to OCCO; serve notice of all meetings and conduct any other correspondence necessary for the operation of OCCO; shall have custody of all funds of OCCO; shall deposit all funds in a bank convenient to the Secretary-Treasurer, or as designated by the Executive Committee, to the credit of OCCO; shall sign all checks for disbursement of said funds only at the direction of the Executive Committee; shall maintain a permanent record of all funds received and disbursed and provide a financial report to the membership at each regular meeting of OCCO; and, shall perform any other and further duties incidental to the Office of Secretary-Treasurer as they become necessary or as required by the membership. Upon leaving office, the Secretary-Treasurer shall deliver to a duly elected successor, or the President, all monies, securities, books, records, or property of OCCO.




At the regular meeting in September of each even-numbered year the President shall appoint a special committee consisting of three (3) members, each of whom shall represent a different member association, which shall select nominees for election to the officers of OCCO. At the regular meeting in November of each even-numbered year an election of officers shall be conducted. Voting for officers shall be by secret ballot with each member association casting one (1) vote for each office. The ballots shall be tabulated by the committee appointed for the purpose of selecting nominees for office. For election, an individual must receive an affirmative vote from a majority of the member associations.




When a duly elected officer cannot serve, or complete, a term of office for any reason, a special election may be held to fill the vacancy. A three (3) person nominating committee may be appointed immediately following the occurrence of the vacancy and the election may be conducted at the next regular meeting. The President shall appoint an acting-officer to perform the duties of the vacant office until a successor is duly elected.